Aurora Expeditions is promising faster cruising & minimal disruption to wildlife when its new world-class X-bow expedition ship launches in Antarctica.

And Aurora Expeditions’ Greg Mortimer is practically ready to launch now.

The new small expedition ship completed sea trials over five days and nights in the month of July, during which it surpassed expectations in speed, vibration and noise estimations.


Working with the cruise line’s expedition team, Aurora’s Managing Director Robert Halfpenny, says they’ve developed a ship that will cruise faster than any other in the fleet plus it’s have virtually no disruption to wildlife thanks to its ability to omit minor-to-none vibrations.

Greg Mortimer also runs greener than previous Aurora ships thanks to a Tier 3 engine that drastically reduces fuel consumption and gives off 80 percent less emissions.


Other onboard features include sea level zodiac, activity loading platforms, observation decks, outdoor viewing areas, a bio-security mudroom and virtual anchoring (allowing the ship to maintain position without damaging the delicate sea floor).

“It is built to surpass environmental protection requirements and features unprecedented safety levels.”

Robert Halfpenny, Aurora Expeditions Managing Director


Greg Mortimer is scheduled to make its first voyage on 31 Octobe 2019 and will sail around Antarctica.

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