Virgin Australia is diversifying its baggage allowances almost as much as its fares (although not quite as much) by giving toddlers & babies (let’s be honest, it’s actually the parents) their own kilos to check-in & carry-on.

Parents with infants aged up to 23 months who have booked with Virgin Australia can now check-in an extra 23 kilograms of luggage, free of charge.

Additionally, parents can check-in two ‘special infant items’, which include a pram, baby capsule and car seat. They also receive an additional seven kilograms for ‘essential baby products’.

Doesn’t matter if the parents are flying locally or far because the offer is available on domestic and international flights.

Wow, Virgin Australia is really chasing the family market. No really, General Manager of Ground Operations, Paul Woosnam, said so.

In a statement to media, Woosnam said the aim of the new baggage allowance is to make it easier for parents who want to hit the road with young children.

He continued, explaining that the carrier wants to be “the airline of choice for travelling families” and that means understanding that having an infant means more packing.

“We know travelling with an infant can be incredibly stressful and we’re pleased to make that journey a little more effortless by introducing an infant baggage allowance on domestic and international flights.”

Paul Woosnam, Virgin Australia General Manager of Ground Operations

“We think parents will be pleased too, as they can now pack a little extra for themselves on their next trip.”