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Bloomin' Marvellous: New Trips With Collette To The Floriade Expo 2022

Collette has announced four trips, taking guests to explore the wonders of the UK and Europe and experience the once-in-a-decade Floriade Expo 2022.

Collette has announced four trips, taking guests to explore the wonders of the UK and Europe and experience the once-in-a-decade Floriade Expo 2022.

Collette has announced four exciting new European tours covering the UK, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands with the opportunity to visit the fascinating Floriade Expo, a short trip from Amsterdam.

So put down your gardening gloves and spade and get ready for these fantastic new trips and the once-in-a-decade experience, Floriade, opening in mid-April 2022.

The magic of the Floriade

Collette Floriade

As the world grapples with the challenges of increasing emissions and the impacts of climate change, living and working in a healthy environment has become more important to many of us. 

With the theme of “Growing Green Cities”, Floriade’s multifaceted activities and exhibitions are set to provide green food for thought in its four key areas, greening, feeding, “healthying” and energising our cities. Covering exotic gardens, flowers, fruit and vegetables, aquatic plants, trees, grasses, art and culture, tastings, conferences, workshops and more, visitors can learn about sustainable technology and the importance of greenery to our ecosystem.

Collette’s small group Explorations tour Netherlands, Belgium and France includes options for an excursion to Floriade alone, or in conjunction with a visit to the resplendent Keukenhof Gardens, famous for its spring blooms or to Keukenhof alone. 

Top culinary experiences including a five-course tasting menu in historic Reims in the heart of the Champagne region, champagne tastings and a tour of a coveted champagne house are highlights of the tour. Complemented by a progressive dinner in quaint Bruges, a French cooking class in Paris and the opportunity to discover the dining delights of Amsterdam, the tour offers activities such as cycling in Amsterdam, and a retro car excursion around Paris.

This innovative tour staying in boutique accommodation covers 11 days and 15 meals from $6,199pp.

Three more bloomin’ great trips

Collette Floriade

In addition to Floriade, floral aficionados will enjoy the Netherlands’ splendid gardens including colourful carpets of tulips in season and the seven million tulips showcased at the Keukenhof gardens in the Holland & Belgium Springtime River Cruise.

Taking in some of the most charming cities in Europe including Amsterdam, Ghent and Bruges, the eight-day tour cruises the extensive canal systems of Belgium and the Netherlands with no need for guests to unpack their luggage along the way. Starting at $5,849pp, the tour includes 20 meals.

The chance to visit two of the world’s most impressive botanical showcases, the Chelsea Flower Show and Floriade events is only possible every ten years. Collette’s Chelsea Flower Show and Floriade classic tour combines both events and also features the highlights of London and Amsterdam over eight days with 11 meals, from $4,949pp.

Combinations of Floriade and Keukenhof or just Keukenhof are possible in the European Cosmopolitan Cities: Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris classic tour.

The lowest-cost option for visiting Floriade, the tour includes a canal cruise in Amsterdam and a scenic dinner cruise on the Seine in Paris.

Windmills and the picturesque countryside are on view on board the train from Amsterdam to Paris, with prices from $4,649pp for the nine-day tour which includes 12 meals.

Full details of these tours are available on Collette’s website.