Dubai’s government has relaxed its drinking laws (slightly) for international tourists by allowing them to purchase their own alcohol outside of licensed venues for the first time.

But don’t go crazy! It’s still important that international guests respect Dubai’s conservative way of life.

The relaxed law was recently introduced by Dubai’s leaders, according to Breaking Travel News, and allows tourists to purchase and consume alcohol outside of licensed venues such as hotels, restaurants and clubs.


Image: Christoph Schulz/Unsplash

HOWEVER, in order to do so, tourists are required to fill out a mandatory form and obtain a 30-day license.

The form can be filled out at the outlets of Mercantile & Marketing International (MMI) and will need to produce an original passport.


Image: MMI Dubai/Facebook

Once approved, the license much be shown while purchasing alcohol at any of the 17 designated outlets of MMI (an authorised alcohol retailer). Tourists will also need to have it with them while transporting and consuming alcohol in the city.

“Each visitor will be issued guidelines to responsible drinking in Dubai. Please ensure that you read this to ensure you are respectful of the country, its rules and its people that you are visiting.”

Mercantile & Marketing International