Holidays have resumed & business is back on as usual across California despite two powerful earthquakes in the US state giving locals & tourists major scares in less than 48 hours.

Before Independence Day celebrations could kick off on 4th of July in the USA, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rattled from the city of Ridgecrest and was followed by a second stronger and longer quake less than 36 hours later.

Although the epicentre of both eruptions were more than 150 miles north-east of Los Angeles, they were the strongest the region had experienced in over 20 years (since the 1994 Northridge quake) and were felt by an estimated 30 million people from Sacramento down to Baja California in Mexico.

The severity of both quakes, which cracked a few buildings, broke some roads and cause minor blackouts, prompted California’s Governor to call for a state of emergency.

He advised Californians and visitors to expect more earthquakes in the coming days and told them to be prepared by reading up earthquake-ready advice. Click here to read more.

“The quake did last for some time. It was felt widely throughout most of Southern California and even as far north as Sacramento,” Director of California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Mark Ghilarducci said in regards to the second shake.

“The shaking intensity was very significant.”

Mark Ghilarducci, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Director

Although state-wide damage assessments are still underway and seismologists have warned of additional quakes in the coming week, business across California has returned to usual.

Flights are operating as scheduled from most gateways, including LAX, and tourists attractions seemed to have resumed full operations.

In Los Angeles, tourists can comfortably resume their holidays because according to Los Angeles Tourism there’s been minimal infrastructure damage in the city itself.

“There has been no major impacts to tourism and it will be business as usual for travellers visiting L.A.”

Los Angeles Tourism

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