Where do you turn once the birth calendar crosses over the 35-year threshold & you no longer fit the compulsory demographic of a fun tour operator?

Although that’s a hypothetical question, the answer is that there are plenty of existing options out there for over 30s (such as Intrepid Travel and G Adventures) and now, there’s a new one.

Unmapped Travel, a tour operator specialising in itineraries for 30 and 40-year-olds, is increasing its presence in Australia after seeing strong demand for solo travel among late Gen Xers and early millennials.


While delivering Contiki-style tours in the sense that each itinerary is fun, packed with new experiences and in-depth, the operator caters specifically to the slightly more mature group by focusing on luxurious product, mainly through four-and-five star accommodation in boutique hotels.

The operator also pushes its guests to go beyond their comfort zone by interacting with different cultures, taste-testing street food as well as fine dining and taking part in some physically active excursions such as hiking in Sri Lanka, swimming in cenotes in Mexico and paddleboarding to a private island in Oman.


“Unmapped identified a gap in the market for this demographic, looking to take unique and adventurous trips without the hassle of spending weeks on research.”


“Unmapped is building a community of people who want to embrace new experiences, go beyond their comfort zone, learn about different cultures and do all of this with a group of people who could become friends for life.”

Click here for more information, particularly to learn about the 10 percent commission Travel Agents receive on bookings + a five percent bonus on first departure bookings.


Do you know anyone who’d love a trip with Unmapped Travel?