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Are you a rail expert with Rail Plus?

Well, if you managed to attend Rail Plus' "Rail Expert" event last week at the Bavarian Bier café in Sydney, then you probably are now.

Well, if you managed to attend Rail Plus’ “Rail Expert” event last week at the Bavarian Bier café in Sydney, then you probably are now.


Hosted by Rail Plus CEO, James Dunne, the event was held to update agents and industry on the latest rail developments for 2016.

The event was also a reminder that Rail Plus operate an online learning program for agents to educate themselves on the range of rail products on offer for Aussie travellers keen on going on a rail holiday.

Rail holidays are still as popular as ever, offering a number of advantages over plane travel, such as city to city transportation and allowing passengers to be able to stay in touch throughout the entire journey – there’s no switching to airplane mode.


Key developments to take note of this year include the introduction of new trains launched (with free Wi-Fi) on the Eurostar – which is the first change in 20 years; the comeback of the three country pass (where the cost is dependent on the countries chosen); and the launch of a new two-day France rail pass.

Speaking to KarryOn on the night, James Dunne said there were three major developments that agents should be aware of in 2016:

“I think we have some great value propositions. For example, with Eurail passes, two kids can travel free per adult – it’s the second year in a row we’ve offered this, and we think it’s worth talking about.

James Dunne, CEO, Rail Plus 

James Dunne, CEO, Rail Plus (right)

James Dunne, CEO, Rail Plus (right)

“In addition to that, we have the new Belmond Grand Hibernian luxury rail experience in Ireland that we think will be very popular (launching in August this year), and the Amtrek Vacations product we offer in the states.

“With this new American product, not only can we offer high-speed rail on the east coast between Boston, New York and Washington (which is great for both corporate and leisure travel) but also some epic itineraries across the United State – for example, Denver through to Chicago, the Grand Canyon to California, and more.

Rail Europe recently took sole ownership of Rail Plus – Australasia’s international rail specialist – 18 years after partially purchasing 50 percent of the company.

According to Rail Europe, a key focus for the company moving forward will be enhancing its industry-leading distribution tools while strengthening its relations with travel agents.

Are you excited about selling more rail this year?