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Contiki travels to 4 new Legend-ary European countries

Youth tour operator, Contiki's 2016 European itineraries officially went on sale last night with eight new itineraries on offer and four new countries for your clients to visit.

Youth tour operator, Contiki’s 2016 European itineraries officially went on sale last night with eight new itineraries on offer and four new countries for your clients to visit.

Revealed last night in front of 300 Legend-ary agents, Contiki said for the first time ever next year, travellers will be able to board the iconic Contiki coach to Bosnia, Montenegro, Romania and Iceland. Click here for images from the party.

While destinations like Romania and Montenegro may seem a little out-of-the-box to some, Contiki’s Global CEO, Casper Urhammer, told KarryOn the destinations were added based on request from past guests.

Contiki brochure

“People have been requesting these destinations, especially Iceland, for such as long time.”

Casper Urhammer, Contiki Global CEO

“So we’ve added trips to these destinations, which is unbelievable.”

The four-day Iceland itinerary will see young travellers explore Reykjavik’s active volcanoes and natural wonders while also stopping by the Bathe Lagoon – one of the 25 wonders of the world. If guests are lucky, the skies might clear enough to reveal the spectacular Northern Lights.

Northern Lights

If guests are lucky they could see the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Meanwhile Montenegro, Bosnia and Romania were added to two new itineraries – the 15-day Best of Balkans and 12-day Balkans Discovery.

The 15-day Best of Balkans starts in Hungary and then moves onto Slovenia and Croatia before hitting the Montenegrin town of Budva where guests can explore the 2,500 year old city and its narrow streets and churches.

After a full day in Dubva the coach will head to Sarajavo in Bosnia, which is well known for its cultural and historical landmarks as well as its Tunnel museum and more. Guests will reboard the tour coach for visits for Herzegovina and Serbia before reaching their final stop Romania’s western city of Timisoara.

The 12-day Balkans Discovery trips sees guests travel a similar route to the above, but starting in Croatia and then heading to Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania and then Hungary.


Contiki adds Montenegro to two itineraries in 2016.

For a shorter trip in the Baltic, guests can try the four-day Mini Balkan tour which encompasses Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

As well as the new additions, Contiki Managing Director Australia, Katrina Barry, said the tour operator has also launched four other itineraries including three new Mediterranean trips – 10-day Mediterranean Escape; 21-day Mediterranean Escape + Greek Island Hopping; and 14-day Mediterranean Escape + Greek Island Cruise – as well as one new five-day London Uncovered holiday.

Greece Contiki

In addition to new trips and destinations, Barry also revealed how Contiki will celebrate its 54th year in business – by highlighting new legends with big dreams.

“We went out to new Contiki customers that are about to travel and asked them what their travel dreams were.”

Katrina Barry, Contiki Managing Director Australia

“We then partnered them with legendary stuntmen, dancers and famous faces to make these dreams come true.”

For example, Matt from Brisbane had always dreamed of diving into the Mediterranean. So Contiki hooked him up with action man Devin Supertramp to show him a different kind of diving. He got to see some professional cliff divers do their thing and then tried it himself.

Check out the video below.

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