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Dads are paying for their adult kids to travel with them

As adults we've ditched that teenage rebellious instinct for familial distancing and actually want to spend time with our parentals...

As adults we’ve ditched that teenage rebellious instinct for familial distancing and actually want to spend time with our parentals…


… but unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way or we simply don’t have the funds to visit (if they’re in different states/countries).

So mums and dads (mostly dad) have come up with a new way to see their sons and daughters – they’re paying for their kids to go overseas on a family holiday.

New figures show there’s been a 17 percent increase (between 2013 and 2015) in fathers forking over thousands of dollars to take their adult children on an overseas adventure.

According to G Adventures, these family getaways aren’t just fly-and-flop holidays, with dads interested in booking active adventures that include campaign and even a little hiking.

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Adrian Piotto, Managing Director G Adventures Australia and New Zealand, said the Inca Trail in Peru is the company’s most popular trip for fathers and their children because it offers extra support for family members and it makes the holiday “much more special”.

Adventures in Morocco and Antarctica are also popular among father-son and father-daughter travellers with G Adventures and the company has enjoyed overwhelming positive feedback from the pairs in all destinations.

“My dad found reaching the highest peak of the Inca Trail, Dead Woman’s Pass, hard, and he took longer than the rest of the group.”

Australian traveller Adam said who travelled on Amazon to the Andes with his dad

“But, as he finished the last 50 metres he was cheered on the whole way by our G adventure group – all ages and nationalities. There were tears of joy from our younger Norwegian companions, and nearly from my Dad himself when he made it!

“The moment truly encapsulated the genuine feeling of community and togetherness of the group, and is one that I know I will never forget. A priceless experience.

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“Reaching Machu Picchu and finishing the trek was one of the most emotional and rewarding experiences of my life. An added bonus was to spend two weeks with my son and share the excitement and thrills with him. The views where mind blowing.”

Adventurers of all ages are catered for with G Adventures who offer Family style trips as well as Active and Classic trips and National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures which are proving very popular with all travellers.

What would it take to get your adult children to spend time with you?