Put aside the paperwork & make a move on those 2019 travel goals because securing your next holiday with Intrepid is now cheaper than a 20g Caramello Koala.

Intrepid Travel’s $1 deposits are back baby! So pull out that pocket change and lock in your 2019 getaway.

Yeah, all you need to book an Intrepid tour is a single $1 coin OR two 50-cent pieces OR five 20-cent pieces OR 10 10-cent pieces OR 20 five-cent pieces OR one credit card that isn’t fully maxed-out.

The offer is valid for a limited time only (until 14 February 2019) and is valid on departures until 31 December 2019 (some exclusions apply).

Intrepid Travel’s Asia Pacific Regional Director, Brett Mitchell, said the aim of the $1 deposit is to have Aussies achieve their travel goals and tackle their New Year’s holiday resolutions.

A $1 deposit is also particularly useful so early in the year because let’s be honest, most of us blew our money on gifts, drinks, travel and parties over the Christmas holidays.


“Our dollar deposits allow people returning to work the chance to lock in a trip for the year.”

Brett Mitchell, Intrepid Travel Asia Pacific Regional Director

Happy travels!


Are you selling a fair bit of Intrepid these days?