Following a comprehensive product review, Adventure World saw a need to return to a part of East Asia that’s as mysterious among travellers as it is desired – Mongolia.

Adventure World confirmed this week that it was re-introduced Mongolia to its portfolio after a three-year absence.

Managing Director Neil Rodgers said the decision to bring Mongolia back to the portfolio came after a comprehensive product review, which found demand among past guests.


“We don’t take the decision to enter into a new destination lightly. With Mongolia there was certainly the demand to warrant its inclusion.”

Neil Rodgers, Adventure World Managing Director

As part of the country’s inclusion in the 2019/20 Asia program, Adventure World is offering travellers a Handpicked travel style aka a Tailor-Made product.


Travellers can choose to stay overnight at a ger camp near Lake Hovsgol, horse trek through forested peaks of the Khoridal Saridag Mountain, hike through Yol Valley National Park and more.

Other highlights of the new Asia program include a dedicated Eastern Cambodia Explorer program, where clients explore the lesser-visited parts of Cambodia, home to a vast number of Elephants.  Travellers can visit the Elephant Valley Project, a sanctuary for the large mammals where guests can see the elephants in a semi-wild state in the reserve and learn about the work involved in keeping the sanctuary running.


Over in China, travellers can experience up-close encounters with Pandas at China’s famous research bases on the 12-day Wild Side of China itinerary and also have the chance to visit the Golden Monkey Nature Reserve for excellent views of endangered golden snub-nose monkeys.


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