Rezdy’s founding director Simon Lenoir shared a fascinating fact at the inaugural Destination Food conference in Sydney this week: Not only is food tourism rising exponentially, but it has actually been the fastest growing segment in Rezdy over the past two years.

Globally from 2015 to 2017, Rezdy recorded a 163% growth in the number of bookings for food tourism experiences.

That seems like a healthy increase, but Rezdy’s growth in global food tourism bookings from 2017 to 2018 is predicted to be an incredible 366%.

The expected 2017 to 2018 growth in Australia alone is even higher, sitting at a whopping 398%

“Australia has become a leading destination for food tourism,” Simon said during his presentation this week. 

Interestingly, people are also willing to spend more or food tourism experiences than they ever had before.

Rezdy has recorded that the average order value on culinary tourism experiences has jumped 11% so far from 2017 to


Simon Lenoir

“There’s no boundary about experiences in food tourism.”

Rezdy’s founding director Simon Lenoir.

Rezdy says when travelling, clients want to experience the local culture through food.

“The goal is to get them to feel like your offering is totally unique and they learned and experienced something new.”

Around 10% of bookable experiences on Rezy, are now food experiences.

Image: Lan Pham/Unsplash

Simon said the biggest trends he has noticed with people booking these experiences are:

1. An increase in mobile bookings

2. A decrease in the booking window

“Over half of all bookings are made within 48 hours before the activity,” he said.

“We live in the digital age where the consumer has the power to do that.”

Most importantly, make sure your clients are aware of breadth and depth of culinary tourism experiences that they can take part in while travelling.

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Are you surprised by Rezdy’s statistics or had you already noticed the trend? Let us know below.