The G Adventures team has gone completely bananas (*switches to Gwen Stefani’s voice* “B-A-N-A-N-A-S”), and quite literally too.

Nobody wears a giant yellow fruit quite like Trade Marketing Executive, Adele.

G Adventures 2

Adele and her colleagues surprised (and in some cases possibly even scared) a number of Travel Agents this month with their gorilla suits and fruit-wear when revealing the winners of this year’s Uber Massive Incentive.

The team visited 12 consultants with the good news that after three months of selling and hard work, they had earned themselves a spot on an African Adventure to Uganda and Rwanda.


In-store STA consultants tried their hardest to hide their ‘WTF faces’ when Jake from NSW jumped into their store dressed head-to-toe as a gorilla, started beating his chest before handing Ethan his ‘congratulations you’re going to Africa’ paperwork.


While Tammy broke out in tears when Adele the Banana and Steph the Gorilla shocked her with the good news.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.40.05 AM

Other winners of the Uber Massive Incentive were: Gerry Tillson; Julie Maina; Steph Jones; Phil Feldman; Steph Horrell; Meaghan Hussey; Annette Vazquez; Julie Wood; Ashlea Weller; and Sarah Browning.

G Adventures

Adrian Piotto, Managing Director of G Adventures Australia and New Zealand, said that it was due to Agents’ ongoing support that G could run opportunities such as UMI in the Jungle.

“On behalf of the entire G Adventures team, we would like to give an Uber Massive thank you, not only to the winners but to all of our valued Agents.”

Adrian Piotto, G Adventures Managing Director

“We sincerely hope you’ve all enjoyed the incentive. Watch this space because we’re coming back even bigger and better for next year’s Uber Massive Incentive.”

Over the course of the incentive, more than $70,000 worth of prizes have been given away which include both the grand prize and weekly prizes such as GoPro packages, iPads, G Adventure vouchers or UE Booms.

Is anyone you know heading to Africa with G Adventures?