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Guess who's back, the Wendy Wu animation is back

*Lowers sweats so underwear 'Bonds' band is visible, spins hat brim to the back, clears throat* "guess who's back, back again. Wendy Wu's back, tell a friend".

*Lowers sweats so underwear ‘Bonds’ band is visible, spins hat brim to the back, clears throat* “guess who’s back, back again. Wendy Wu’s back, tell a friend”.

“She’s created a monster, cause nobody wants to see average pictures no more they want Wu, she’s the real seller.”

Okay I’ll stop. Don’t want to offend Marshall with my weak rap game.


But it’s true. After much demand, the adorable, pink-cheeked animated Wendy Wu character is making a comeback as part of the tour operator’s #TheNewWu campaign.

You may remember her from her last major campaign back in 2011. Since she’s kept it low key in a few small projects within the business but nothing as large as this week’s launch.

While overall she looks the same, this time she’s sporting a funky Kung Fu outfit to emphasise her kick-ass ability to assist Agents in saving time while offering their clients unforgettable experiences.


It’s very Lucy Lui in ‘Kill Bill’.


Unveiled this week in conjunction with the company’s 2017 program, she’ll feature alongside the new trade concept called ‘Booking Asia Made Easy’ is designed to emphasise the ease of booking through the operator.

General Manager Andrew Mulholland said the promo will emphasise to Agents that they can secure everything for their client in one Wendy booking.

“Everything taken care of from flights to visas, not only does it help take the complexity out of booking arrangements, but also demonstrates the value our holidays provide customers and trade partners alike.”

Andrew Mulholland, Wendy Wu Tours General Manager

Mulholland added that introducing the ‘Kung Fu Wendy’ cartoon is a fitting because of her known enthusiasm for Travel Agents and Asia.

“Those who have met Wendy know how enthusiastic she is about Asia, offering travel experiences to the Australian traveller and supporting our agent partners,” he said.

“We think the Kung Fu concept is rather fitting.”


Meanwhile, the new 2017 program features seven new Discovery tours and four new Deluxe tours across the product range. There’s also a selection of these new tours, such as the 18-day ‘China & Spiritual Tibet’ deluxe tour or the Indian ‘Trans Himalayan’ discovery tour are included the ‘2017 Free Stopover’ campaign, which allows agents to offer clients a free two-night stopover in Singapore.

Other free stopover destinations on offer include Hong Kong and Siem Reap when booked in conjunction with an extensive range of tours over 14 days.

All brochures are currently being delivered to agencies by TIFS.

Are you glad to see the return of the Wendy Wu animation?