Full-bodied colourful skirts danced against the backdrop of fluorescent houses while the aroma of Afro-Caribbean spices paraded around Colombia’s City Eternal Spring.

That was just a dream I had last night, but it seems Contiki is bringing it to life in its 2020 portfolio, which includes two new Latin American destinations – Colombia and Patagonia.

The youth tour operator announced this morning that it’s delivering on travellers’ desires for more far-flung, exotic and insta-worthy destinations by adding to two new countries to its portfolio.


Five brand new trips to Patagonia and Colombia have been added to 13 improved trips across the region, including the 12-day Colombia Quest covering a jaw-dropping salt cathedral, air ballooning over a ‘coffee zone’ and extreme sports in San Gil.

There’s also the nine-day Colombian Coasts & Culture featuring jaw-dropping national parks and Afro-Caribbean cooking classes, while the five-day Lost City Trek takes guests on an unforgettable journey across rivers and waterfalls to the ancient archaeological site of Ciudad Perdida.


In Patagonia, the 10-day Patagonia Trail takes in the region’s unspoilt wilderness from mountain peaks, colossal glaciers, bright blue lakes and active volcanoes.

Young people will be able to push the boundaries of traditional travel in the two new destinations, said Contiki’s Managing Director Katrina Barry, who cited this explorative group as driving the new product.


“We’re proud of these five brand new Patagonia and Colombia trips we’ve created, and we hope to keep exceeding the expectations of young people who choose to travel with Contiki.”

Katrina Barry, Contiki Managing Director

In addition to the new destinations, Contiki has also made improvements to its existing Latin America product to offer more local experiences than ever before such as a day trip to Argentina’s Gaucho country for lunch at a traditional Estancia, tequila-tasting in Mexico’s town of Tequila and a sunset sailing in Belize.


Are you keen to fly over the second most biodiverse country in the world that’s also home to a colourful culture & Shakira?