INCA TRAIL: There’s more for your PERU-sal than you realise

There’s a good reason hiking the Inca Trail and gazing over Machu Picchu is a regular on travelers bucket lists. While your customers are ticking that box make sure they know these inside tips about Peru.

There’s a good reason hiking the Inca Trail and gazing over Machu Picchu is a regular on travelers bucket lists. While your customers are ticking that box make sure they know these inside tips about Peru.

Have you ever had to deliver the news to your customer that you forgot to organise the permit for their once in a lifetime trip to Machu Picchu?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then it sounds like you need the expertise of Chimu Adventures – the experts on all things Peru & Inca Treks.

There is so much more your customers can experience and discover in Peru so leave it up to Chimu to bring their bucket list to life in ways they never imagined.


The Nazca Lines


Geoglyphs: A large design or motif (generally longer than 4 metres) produced on the ground and typically formed by clastic rocks.

The Nazca lines are a serious of large ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, so enormous that they can be seen from space.

What’s even better is Chimu give you the option to experience this spectacle from the sky – making it the bucket list item you never knew you wanted.


Visit the birthplace of the First Inca King


Otherwise known as Lake Titicaca – cool huh?

With an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level, this mass body of water is so enormous you’ll need two days just to see it all. Or, you can just jump on a speed boat and visit the various islands in the middle of the lake, full of beautiful sandy beaches.

From there, experience the beauty and serenity of the Uros Ccapi – a literal floating village inhabited by the Uros people – is there anything this place can’t do? Amazing!


Trek Permits are not just limited to your customers


You’ve probably heard as a novice Travel consultant that there are only 500 permits available each day for Machu Pichu.

We hate to break it to you but that includes the porters, your tour guides, local guides and finally your customers. Don’t be that one agent that didn’t call Chimu because you thought 500 customers could get permits a day – that’s a classic rookie mistake (and mistakes can happen).

So, what are you waiting for? Call Chimu. Quick. They know everything, including how to pronounce some of those longer town names. Try this one: Wiñayhuayna… we’ll wait.


Something Unusual (that you can’t find online)


Huacachina. It’s a literal mirage in the desert – a spectacle you genuinely won’t believe before your eyes.

It’s an oasis with a central lake, flourishing palm trees and vibrant grasses surrounded by a small community – known for producing incredible wines but it all takes place in the middle of the desert.

How do you get here? It’s a small part of Peru, about 4 hours south of Lima but once you get on that dune buggy and surf the sand then relax next to the lake with a bottle of wine – it’s the stuff dreams are made of.


Importance of Sustainability


This is always important and for a place like Machu Picchu and most of the Inca Trail, preservation and global footprint is more important now than ever.

While newer travellers may be unaware of the damage tourism can do to certain areas, it’s our job to educate our customers and recommend tour companies that give back to the places they tour through.

In everything they do, Chimu aims to minimise any negative impacts on the local and cultural environment while maximising their customer’s experiences.

Chimu truly lives by the mantra ‘leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories’ and they offer some pretty stellar memory making moments!


Get the Inside Scoop


If you were an expert before and knew all of this already, close this tab on your browser.

If you were like me and realised instantly that as an agent we rely purely on the expertise of our suppliers, then pick up the phone next time you have an enquiry for Peru & the Inca Trail and give the experts at Chimu Adventures a call!


What Peru experience will you be adding toyour bucket list?

Written by Mel Bobbermein, KARRYON contributor

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