Here’s a story, of a lovely lady, who was travelling with her three very gorgeous girls. The foursome set off, on an Intrepid adventure, where they were not alone.

Okay, so we’re not lyricists or music composers like Frank De Vol, but we predict that there’ll be at least one Brady Bunch-type union on Intrepid Travel’s newest tours.

Although just to be clear, that’s not Intrepid’s intentions.


The tour operator’s actual intention is to provide a travel style that’ll cater to a “forgotten demographic” in travel – the solo parent families.

According to Intrepid, some 16 percent of its family bookings last year came from single parents and their children looking for opportunities to bond, experience the world and relax.

So, a holiday for Carol and Mike before they met and “knew that it was much more than a hunch”.


Although they would have enjoyed the ‘traditional’ family vacation, Intrepid is hoping to meet the specific needs and requirements of this niche group through six specially crafted solo parent family tours.

Intrepid’s Brand Manager for Family Adventures, Dyan McKie, said the travel industry makes “archaic” assumptions that families are still made up of ‘two parents and two children’, but that doesn’t “reflect today’s families”.

She continued, saying that although the industry does a good job at catering to niches, they’ve neglected solo parents for too long.

Intrepid Travel family holiday

The tour operator will cater to this niche market’s needs through six initial itineraries travelling to destinations, which Intrepid says were intentionally chosen to “make it easier for solo parents as they could otherwise feel intimidated to travel to these destinations alone with their children”.

These destinations are Costa Rica, Thailand, Egypt, Northern India, Vietnam and Morocco.

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Are you seeing increased demand from solo parent families?