JUCY RV, is now making your next road trip even easier with new delivery service and 24-hour pick-ups and drop-offs in the U.S.

Intrepid travellers can now have iconic purple and green JUCY RV minivans delivered directly to their door allowing them to get on the road faster and easier than ever before.

Additionally, all locations, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area, now offer pick-ups and drop offs 24-hours a day.

JUCY RV Side View

“JUCY’s mission is to take the stress out of travel, allowing people to enjoy their vacations more and worry less,”

Zoe Macfarlane, Vice President Marketing and Business Development JUCY.

“We know vacation time is precious, and this is yet another way we’re enabling customers to get to their destination faster. Now, they can schedule to pick-up their JUCY RV around their own schedule and avoid peak traffic.”

JUCY RVs are retrofitted minivans, featuring many of the amenities found in larger RVs, but with better fuel efficiency and easier maneuverability.

With two comfortable double beds, they sleep up to four people and also feature a refrigerator, two gas stoves, a sink, and DVD player for endless entertainment.

JUCY RV San Francisco

Their cheery bright green and purple colors stand out from the crowd and set the tone for an exciting adventure.

For a starting one-way price of $35, JUCY RVs can be delivered or retrieved up to 50 miles from each JUCY location.

For the Los Angeles location, this means that delivery service extends to the Disneyland Resort area. Exact pricing is based upon the branch and the renter’s specific location.

Delivery reservations can be made by contacting (424) 456-4830 or [email protected].

Bookings made during business hours (9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday) and require 12 hours’ notice.

Bookings made outside of business hours require 48 hours’ notice.

JUCY RV Los Angeles

JUCY RV Rentals allow travelers the freedom to enjoy a camping vacation without the hassle of needing their own expensive equipment. They have all the modern features of a mini RV, including a fridge, two gas stoves, a sink and two comfortable double beds that sleep up to four people.

JUCY has pick up locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area.

For more information or to book a JUCY trip, visit www.jucyusa.com or Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

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