There’s nothing quite like hiring a drop top, grabbing a few of your closest mates and hitting play on your ultimate roadtrip playlist as you travel from one city to another.

Particularly if those cities are in North America.

According to new figures from DriveAway Holidays, Aussies are becoming increasingly comfortable with self-drive holidays in the USA and Canada, so-much-so that they’re willing to ditch tour buses and planes in favour of car rentals.


The company said over the last 12 months there’s been a 30 percent increase in US & Canada hires, with the main city driving growth being Detroit (53 percent) along with southern cities, Houston (40 percent) and Nashville (27 percent).

While DriveAway’s Head of Marketing, James Dowe, said it’s “exciting” to see growth in more “real American hoods”,  self-drive holidays were also big in Canada over the last year, with a 28 percent increase in Calgary alone.


Classic vehicles such as the Mustang are particularly popular among Aussie drivers, especially those travelling between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, while the SUV has also grown in popularity over the past year.

With so many self-drive choices and DriveAway Holidays’ 10 percent sale price on top tier suppliers, the car rental company has put together a quiz to help Australians find their perfect self-drive holiday in North America.

Click here to take the quiz.

Which self-drive North American trip is your perfect fit?