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Rail Plus offer more than just rail in Canada

O Canada! If there's one country Aussies are particularly in love with, it's Canada – a land of sweet maple syrup and some of the nicest people you'll find in North America.

O Canada! If there’s one country Aussies are particularly in love with, it’s Canada – a land of sweet maple syrup and some of the nicest people you’ll find in North America.

So why not send your clients there and give them a taste of this epic landscape and Canadian hospitality?

From gazing at the spectacular Northern Lights in the Yukon, to spotting beluga whales and polar bears in Churchill, to riding the VIA Rail network and the iconic Rocky Mountaineer over in the West, Canada has about as many things to do as there are awesome cafes in Vancouver: in other words, heaps!

And Rail Plus – being Australia’s leading rail specialist – has enough product in its inventory to satisfy even the most die-hard Canada enthusiast.

Yep, they’re pretty much leaders in the industry.

Just take a look at this video for a little visual candy and inspiration on what you can book for your clients through Rail Plus!

Pretty cool, huh?

But what if you haven’t visited Canada yourself? How can you sell this destination to your clients?

Well, don’t even worry about that with Rail Plus on your side.

The dedicated team at Rail Plus offer unmatched personalised service – based on years of collective experience – to agents right across the country.

Only ever a single phone call away, the team are able to help you with whatever you’re struggling with, guiding you every step of the way with their recommendations to make sure you bag the sale.


That’s right: Rail Plus offer more than just rail in Canada.

Apart from offering tons of rail products right across Canada, Rail Plus are also able to create Canadian Winter packages that not only include rail but also include accommodation, tours and even cruises!

They’re basically a one-stop shop for Canadian holidays.

For example, how about organising for your clients to stay at Knight Inlet Lodge and see grizzly bears?

Or what about booking your clients on a 6-day “Whistler Winter Experience” that includes 5-nights accommodation, a snowmobile tour, a snow shoe tour and even the chance to ride a dog sled?


With Rail Plus, you’ll be able to do this for your clients, and much, much more.

The team have also compiled an informative sales manual that highlights the top 20 things to do in Canada “before you die” for you to keep at your desk and use when consulting with your clients.

Basically a bible for agents, the 36-page manual includes a map, details about the arrival process in Canada (including Visa information) and of course lists some of the most popular hotel/rail/tour packages available through Rail Plus.

The sales manual can be ordered through TIFS.

To learn more about Rail Plus and all the awesome products and experiences you can book with Australia’s premier rail wholesaler, visit the Rail Plus website at www.railplus.com.au

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