Anne Majumdar

Rail operators are trying to encourage agents to opt for trains over air travel when it comes to booking European itineraries, with Rail Plus even creating a hashtag – #trainsbeforeplanes.

Now, the rail distributor has also launched its 12 Destinations in 12 Weeks promotion which will feature a different destination each week along with a range of exclusive deals until the end of April.

Rail Plus launches new agent promo KarryOn

The promotion starts off in the UK Image credit: Rail Plus

“Agents will be well-equipped with value-added incentives and information that will no doubt come in handy when assisting holidaymakers plan their upcoming 2018 European escapade,” Rail Plus said.

“Starting in the UK, Rail Plus will not only take agents through some of the hottest destinations across the continent including the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and Norway, but also provide suggestions for routes, excursions and travel tips as well.”

These deals promise to save travellers a minimum of 20% on their rail tickets.

Rail Plus launches new agent promo KarryOn

Week 2 will head to the Netherlands
Image credit: Rail Plus

Agents are advised to take note of booking deadlines and validity for each of the deals as they vary for every rail network.

Rail Plus also reminded agents that they can plan a European trip for themselves, with the rail wholesaler offering them a very tasty 75% discount on most rail passes.


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