Dreaming of Scandinavia but hate the cold? Never fear! We have scouted out the best summer-loving places to visit in three of Scandinavia’s most photo-worthy spots.

Summer in Scandinavia is something special. From the end of May until August, darkness barely falls, and high above the Arctic Circle, the sun never disappears.

This midnight sun means the opportunities are endless for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, providing a playground full of awe-inspiring activities.

Tour provider Bentours share three of the most sensational Summer Scandinavian destinations you HAVE to pop on your bucket list.




Ice Ice Baby! Iceland has been getting a LOT of attention in the last year or so and it’s not difficult to see why.

Sprawling national parks, volcanic craters, lava flows, and ice caps galore… The Blue Lagoon alone is enough to make anyone pack their bags and try to pronounce Reykjavik!

Spectacular sites of nature, local culture and delicious cuisine are just icing on the cake and are most importantly available all year round.

If you’d prefer to leave the tedious day-planning to the experts, Bentours runs a 12-day ‘Grand Tour of Iceland’ that conveniently encompasses everything this unique country has to offer.

Check out the wildlife, visit the waterfall of the Gods, sail amongst floating icebergs in a glacial lagoon, and learn how the island itself was formed over millions of years out of lava!




There’s Nor-way you haven’t heard of the Norwegian Fjords! But, most people mistakenly believe that the only way to explore these hidden gems is on a cruise ship.

If you don’t like cruising, or massive crowds of people (or both!) then the 21 day ‘Norwegian Splendour tour is the answer to your travel dreams. Spend luxurious summer days exploring towns like Tromsø, Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo with included historical walks.

In the summertime, fjords can be seen in all their glory, full of cascading waterfalls and crystal clear pools, and the sun leads to an abundance of unique activities.

You can even visit Europe’s first (and the world’s largest) underwater restaurant!




Apart from having the best candy ever (see Swedish Fish) Sweden is also known for their unique accommodation style with mountain lodges galore.

When the weather heats up and the skiers go home you can avoid the crowds and freely explore gorgeous towns such as Luleå, Abisko, Jokkmokk, Jukkasjärvi, and even stay at the famous Icehotel!

If you are interested in combining Sweden and Norway together on your trip, take a look at the 16 day ‘Swedish Lapland and Nordic Coastal Soft Hike with Bentours. But don’t let the hiking part of that sentence scare you away, you’ll get an included city tour in Stockholm to start out at a nice and easy pace.

Plus the photo ops are SO worth it!

You’ll get to experience the Scandinavian wilderness with local professionals guiding you along the way. But you don’t just have to hike your way around, you can choose to try new things each day with various activities like canoeing and river rafting too!


Experience A Scandinavian Summer


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What Scandinavian summer destination would you add to your bucket list?


Written By Christina Woods, a KARRYON contributor

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