Most people love a bit of alcohol on their holidays. Agreed? It’s a chance to let loose, have a couple of bevos with the mates (family, husband – whoevs) and not worry about rocking up to work the next day.

Oh holidays!


We also know that there’s an increasing number of globetrotters who want to ‘do it themselves’ and really ‘travel like a local’ by organising self-drive escapes.

They rent a vehicle and make their own path.


But here’s the thing, as much as you want to leave the rule books back in Australia, you definitely don’t want to drink and then drive at home or overseas because:

One, it’s stupid.

Second, you’re putting people’s lives at risk as well as your own.

And third, the penalties can be pretty scary, according to a new infographic released by

Like did you know that if you’re caught driving under the influence in Turkey you’re driven 20 miles out of town by police and then forced to walk back under escort?


Or that in Malaysia it’s not just you who suffers the consequences, but your spouse can expect the same punishment?

Other interesting findings were that Mexico will refuse entry to foreigners with recent drink driving convictions and in France, drivers are required to store a mobile breathalyser in their car at all times.

Check out the infographic below for more drink driving penalties around the world:

Drink driving penalties around the world
Infographic by:

Have you ever experienced the full extent of a drinking law overseas?