STA Travel is offering local travellers the cheapest Lay-By in the Australian travel industry – with flight deposits starting from $99.


The Lay-By program allows customers to lock in holidays at bargain booking prices and pay it off over time – without using credit cards or risky interest-free structures.

Travellers can Lay-By flights with a $99 deposit, which is the cheapest travel Lay-By available in Australia, then pay the remainder ten weeks before their trip. This means they can avoid inflated last-minute flight prices, costly interest rates and other more expensive Lay-By options, while still locking in the holiday of their dreams.

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There’s also a $149 deposit for flights and hotels, as well as a $249 deposit for flight and adventure.

The company says the Lay-By system is particularly useful for travellers who are concerned about their finances after the holiday period.

“STA Travel’s Lay-By option means Australian travellers can be clever about saving for their holiday – avoiding last-minute splurges on flights or credit card debacles by locking in bargain prices.”

David Green, STA Travel Australia managing director

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According to the company, only 55 percent of STA Travel trips are booked on credit compared to 97 percent in the US and 95 percent in the UK.

“The Lay-By program is supported by research carried out by STA Travel which found Australian travellers are the most fiscally responsible in the world, and least likely to fund their holidays through debt.”

Do you think more cheaper Lay-By systems in travel would encourage more people to book a holiday?