Animal rights are now at the top of the list for any of The Travel Corporation’s brands after signing a new joint initiative with the TreadRight Foundation.

Effective immediately, Contiki, Trafalgar, AAT Kings, Uniworld, Insight Vacations, Creative Holidays, Adventure World and more will adopt the TreadRight Animal Welfare Policy.

The policy promotes the Five Freedoms – rights for animals under human control and asserts that animals under human control should have freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury, and disease; freedom to express normal behaviour; and freedom from fear & distress.


Travel Corporation will use the policy to guide its operations team by assessing all current animal-related activities in existing itineraries. Activities that breach the policy will be phased out and replaced with activities that meet the standards.

Additionally, the policy aligns with the Travel Corporation’s aim of ensuring the environment and communities it visits remain vibrant for generations to come.

The Travel Corporation CEO and Co-Founder of the TreadRight Foundation, Brett Tollman, said the company is focused on adopting the best practices and policies to help ‘drive the positive transformation of the travel industry’.

African safari

“We are proud to collaborate with World Animal Protection in the interests of ensuring the industry embraces animal-friendly tourism and strengthens wildlife protection.”

Brett Tollman, The Travel Corporation CEO

By signing the pledge, Travel Corporation has committed not to sell, offer or promote venues or activities involving elephant rides and shows. It also commits to offer only those with a high standard of elephant welfare and conservation, with responsible viewing of elephants in wild or semi-wild habitats.

Do you think more tour operators show follow safer animal practices?