Hello Kitty fans, get ready because we have HUGE news for you: one Japanese bullet train is about to get a total HELLO KITTY MAKEOVER. Can’t you just see it now? Pretty pink interiors, photobooths and bows and ribbons galore.

Artists impressions of the interior have just been released to the public, revealing just what these uber cute Hello Kitty dedicated carriages will look like.

Here’s what you can expect.

The aptly named the Kawaii! Room will feature a photo booth area with a big Hello Kitty doll. Can you imagine the Instagram shots you could take in there?

The carriage will also have seats fitted out with trademark pink Hello Kitty armrests, windows, floors and headrests.

Meanwhile, the Hello! Plaza carriage will purely be used as an exhibition area with a gift shop (A goldmine for Hello Kitty merchandise, no doubt) filled with souvenirs and food.

The Hello Kitty-themed train will include a themed photobooth ar

The train’s exterior will also be a pink, white and bow-filled affair.

The Hello Kitty train will travel on the Japan Western Railway between Osaka and Hakata.

We have more good news too – you don’t have to wait long until you can catch it, with the first service to take place on June 30.

A final timetable is yet to be released but the bullet train is expected to run most days until the end of September this year.

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