Hey Aussie consultants, when was the last time you talked to your clients about renting a motorcycle on their next holiday? You may want to start doing it.

Don’t roll your eyes just yet because while you may not think your clients are the motorcycle type, there’s actually a good chance that they secretly are.

According to EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and Tours, almost 10 percent of Australians that hold a car license also hold a bike license, which equates to one bike rider in every five Aussies booking a holiday to the states.

One of those could be your client!

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Country Representative, Kylee Kay told KARRYON that there’s a lot of “missed opportunity” for consultants to earn extra income.

“It still baffles me when I talk with Agents on why motorcycling isn’t brought up with every single US enquiry.”

Kylee Kay, EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals & Tours Country Manager

She continued, saying the opportunity to earn motorcycle rental commission increases when Australians are visiting over two states at a time and when they’re one of the country’s 70 percent repeat visitors.

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There’s up to $2m in commission to be motorbike rentals.

“It’s around $150 AU /day for a bike – let’s get 10 percent of people hiring even for a day and you’ve got nearly $20 million in revenues and over $2 million commissions that should be back in the hands of our Agents.”

Kylee Kay, EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals & Tours Country Manager

“Riding a bike is addictive, Its emotional, Its inspirational, and for that reason, its such an easy sell.”

Now more than ever is the time to include a few days motorcycle rental on your next US adventure with Eaglerider. Having now introduced over 100 new depots to its already expansive network through a global partnership with Harley Davidson, your client can now get on a bike and explore America like they have never before.

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Talking to your clients about booking a bike could equal commission.

To make a booking contact your preferred wholesaler.

For any enquiries contact Kylee Kay at [email protected]

Will you start talking about motorcycle rentals to your clients?