As more people cash in their, er, actual cash for online dollars, travel businesses are ensuring they’re equipped to handle new-age transactions by jumping onto Bitcoin.

Although the cryptocurrency has been around for almost a decade, travel companies such as airlines and tour operators are slowly finding their way onto Bitcoin in order to give their clients more payment choice.

Major online players such as and were among the first to go digital, and are quickly being followed by LOT Polish Airlines, One Shot Hotels Virgin Galactica and more recently, Eclipse Travel.

Image: Jonas Leupe/Unsplash

Image: Jonas Leupe/Unsplash

Introduced late last year, the move allows Eclipse Travel’s customers to request a quote in Bitcoin for flights, accommodation, cruises and tours to all of the operator’s destinations.

According to Eclipse Travel, becoming the first full-service travel agency to accept Bitcoin in Australia gives it an edge over competitors, by providing clients more payment flexibility.

Director, Matt McMillan, described the decision “innovative” and one that will help make Bitcoin more mainstream within Australia.

“We have been watching the development of Bitcoin within the Australian market over the past few years with great interest.”

Matt McMillan, Eclipse Travel Director

“We want to provide Bitcoin users with another tangible outlet for their currency – which there are currently very few of.”

Iguana Eclipse Travel

Bitcoin has seen meteoric growth recently, with values rising around 1,850 percent since 2015. This growth has driven strong interest within the Australian market, but there are still few companies accepting this new form of payment.

It’s only a matter of time before other Australian travel companies jump onboard.

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Do you see your business offering travellers this new form of payment?