Luxury travellers have adopted Shania Twain’s “that don’t impress me much” attitude when it comes to tours & accommodation, according to APT, because they’re no longer stirred by fancy rooms & pools.

The tour operator found that high-end treats such as 5-star accommodation and extravagant resort features aren’t wowing luxury travellers the way they use to because they’re looking for more.


What more could they possibly want? According to APT, it’s an “all-encompassing experience where everything is taken care of, from start to finish”.

Ensuring travellers know that’s the kind of all-inclusive service they can expect from APT, the tour operator has launched a ‘Live Fully’ campaign showcasing the little things (private transfers, personal butler, full porterage service and more) looked after on each tour so guests can “live fully in each and every unforgettable moment”.

“The term ‘luxury’ is used loosely these days, popping up more and more, while offering less and less substance.”

Steve Reynolds, APT Chief Executive

“We have always believed that the true essence of real luxury is to be ‘all-inclusive, all taken care of, so you can Live Fully!’”

The new campaign launched this month with broadcast partner of the Australian Open– a longstanding association which this year moves to Channel Nine.

“It’s great to align our long-standing, Melbourne based brand with this amazing Melbourne event – both properties deliver a world-class experience, showcasing the best of Australia to the world,” Reynolds said.

Click here to learn more about APT’s ‘Live Fully’ campaign.


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