October is shaping up to be a tough month for travel brands, as the sudden collapse of two airlines is followed up with the closure of wholesaler, Venture Far.

Venture Far announced in a statement that after 39 years in business it has appointed Liquidators and placed the company into liquidation.

The brand attributed its decline to the modern challenges of being a boutique wholesaler in a highly competitive environment.

“The costs and challenges of being a boutique wholesaler, operating in a highly price driven, low margin industry have proven to be too large to overcome.”

Venture Far

The wholesaler attempted to adapt to the changing travel landscape and stay afloat back in 2017 when it underwent a total rebrand from Venture Holidays to Venture Far.

In addition to the name change, the rebrand included a new look, new logo and new itineraries such as new trips to Sri Lanka.

“While we saw improvements from these changes, it has proven not to be enough.”

Venture Far

For Agent queries regarding your bookings, please contact 1300 303 343 and select option 1. The Liquidators have maintained some reservations staff to assist with your queries. Sales, Marketing and Product areas have ceased immediately.

For queries regarding the liquidation, please contact [email protected]


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