Travellers who are curious about the colour, sounds, drama and excitement of a traditional Indian wedding can now experience one for themselves as part of a special new itinerary by Wendy Wu Tours.

This November, Wendy Wu Tours is inviting its guests along to a traditional Indian Wedding celebration.

The special departure classic tour will include all the highlights, sights and sounds of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur with the added exclusive opportunity to take part in a real-life Indian Wedding.

On arrival in Jaipur, travellers will participate in the sangeet – a pre-wedding celebration, usually, the night or day before the wedding where the entire wedding party come together for an event full of song and dance.

The dancing is often pre-choreographed moves set to traditional tunes and usually followed by a night of thumping Bollywood numbers.

The following evening, guests will adorn themselves with traditional clothing and enjoy a celebration unlike any other – fully immersed in the many wedding ceremonies of a traditional Indian Wedding.

“At Wendy Wu Tours we’re always looking at ways to bring the ultimate in local culture to our guest’s experience, and this is the quintessential Indian celebration”.

Carlah Walton, Head of Marketing & Product

This 9-day tour departs Australian capital cities on 5th November 2019 and is limited to 28 people.

For more information or to book, call 1300 128 738 or click here.

Would you love to experience a traditional Indian wedding?