Does the sound of an almost six hour long YouTube ad make you jump with excitement? Virgin America is about to find out with their new unusual online campaign.

Virgin America together with ad agency Eleven San Francisco has launched a new online campaign which is based around an unusually long and boring film.

The 5-hour-and-45-minute long film is showing an incredibly boring in-flight experience between Newark and San Francisco of a typical rival carrier, called BLAH Airlines. The passengers in the film are mannequins who are so bored that they can’t even move a muscle. They are stuck in cramped seats with harsh lighting, no in-flight entertainment and no food.

“The passengers have no choice but to be on ‘autopilot’ to get through the tedious journey. Just trying to watch the video is downright painful—and that’s the point. If you wouldn’t sit through the entire film, why would you pay money to experience it in real life?”

Virgin America

Creepy faces in the 6-hour long YouTube ad.

Creepy faces in the 6-hour long YouTube ad.

The film is utterly mundane and not many people would sit through the whole thing and watch the entire 4 hours and 45 minutes, however the ad agency Eleven has paid incredible attention to detail to fill all that dead air.

The campaign has been rolled out across social media and the ‘BLAH Airlines’ has its own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account.


What a view!

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What are your thoughts on Virgin America’s new online campaign?