Help Qantas save the environment and you could win up to $500 in Woolworths vouchers. That’s right, get rewarded for saving the planet!

Qantas Future Planet is helping passengers combat climate change while also rewarding travel agents that get behind the program.

WELL done you for taking reusable bags to the supermarket, cutting straws from your cocktails, recycling the plastic bottles and papers that come through the office, and not printing every email clogging your inbox.

You’re certainly doing your bit for the environment.

But could you be doing more?

You could be encouraging clients making sky-high sojourns with Qantas to help future-proof the planet by purchasing the carbon credits that offset their flights.

Since 2007 the Flying Kangaroo has balanced more than 3 million tonnes of carbon emissions – making Qantas the world’s top airline offsetter – with 100 per cent of every passenger contribution going towards green projects.

And right now, thanks to the Qantas Learning Hub, pointing your people towards the Qantas Future Planet program could snag you a Woolworths voucher.

That sounds good, right? Receiving up to $500 in bonuses for being a climate campaigner.

Just register here to join the promotion, complete the “Qantas Future Planet” learning bite online now at the Qantas Learning Hub, and receive an email with unique tracking URL to share with customers.

Then it’s just a matter of encouraging clients to offset their Qantas flights which will be a cinch after learning all about the planet-friendly program on the Qantas Learning Hub.


The six agents with the highest number of customers making carbon countering contributions will win the shopping vouchers, with the incentive running from May 13 to July 7.

First prize will snag a $500 Woolworths voucher and  2nd – 6th prizes will score a $100 Woolworths voucher each!

Clear on the competition, but still a little fuzzy on the whole carbon credits thing?

Then read on to bone up on the nuts and bolts of Qantas Future Planet.




The aircraft that carry us across the country and between the continents release greenhouse gasses as they zoom above the clouds with these emissions harming the environment.

But it’s not all doom and gloom with Qantas calculating the fuel emissions for each aerial excursion then asking passengers to offset their share and “counter these effects by supporting projects that affect real change”.

It’s a not-for-profit service offered by the airline with every cent of a customer donation going towards the verified carbon offset programs that meet strict international standards proven to diminish environmental impact.




The green projects Qantas help fall into three categories – local action, developing communities and global renewables – with the Kimberley and Kangaroo Island just two of the domestic destinations being buoyed.

The Kangaroo Island initiatives restore native landscapes by planting local flora in a bid to reduce soil erosion, decrease salinity and restore the habitat fauna need to thrive.

In a corner of the country prone to vicious wildfires Qantas is backing the North Kimberley Fire Abatement Project with this enterprise managed by indigenous owners seeking to reduce damaging blazes by reinstating traditional fire-management techniques.

So hop to it, because helping to hand a well world on to future generations might not be the only bonus you get from taking part in Qantas Future Planet.




How would you recommend to your customers to carbon offset?

Written by Sarah Nicholson, a KARRYON contributor

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