Family time is Amazing time & Club Med is trying to give its guests as much of it as possible through a new family program that’s designed to get kids off the technology & into the world.

Called ‘Amazing Family’, the program was created with childhood experts and anthropologists to break down children/parent barriers and hopefully, create a fun and positive family unit.

Although currently only available at five resorts (Indonesia, Italy, Morocco and two in China), Club Med hopes to roll out Amazing Families to some 21 other resorts before the end of the year.


Aside from spending time together, the program focuses on ensuring all participants are moving during energising activities such as basketball, Thai boxing and more. It has ‘time to play’ with games such as Twister and Connect Four, as well as ‘time to care’, which raises awareness for wellbeing through yoga, wildlife hikes and cooking classes.

Other highlights of the program are ‘time to quest’, which involves treasure hunts, and ‘time to celebrate’ whereby role barriers are removed and there’s no difference between parents and their children.

Club Med’s General Manager Australia and New Zealand, Rachael Harding, said a program like this is necessary to help families reconnect and break bad habits such as spending 40 percent of family time on smart devices.

“With over 60 years’ experience of operating family-focused services, we know how to arm families with the tools they need to switch off the screens, take time to check-in with each other and ensure that holiday feeling lasts once they get home.”

Rachael Harding, Club Med General Manager Australia & New Zealand


Do you like the sound of Club Med’s family program?