Bula from Fiji Tourism Expo (FTE)! Thanks to Tourism Fiji, we were on the ground in Denarau last week reporting on of one of Australia’s favourite tropical destinations… Fiji!

A lot went down over the annual two-day conference (click here for day one pics), which this year was held at Fiji’s Sheraton Resort in Nadi.

While there was much to report, we narrowed it down to the top five news that’s more buzzworthy than the Golden Globe’s Fiji Water girl.




When you love Fiji as we do, you also love more ways to get there! Fiji Airways announced the purchase of two wide-body planes arriving at the end of 2019. The shiny newness of these A350s is exciting enough.

However, the intel that they’re carbon-fibre build has made them 25 percent more fuel economic makes it the biggest win we’ve heard so far at FTE2019. Oh, and if you’re taking advantage of their wicked stopover programs to California, the new planes also shave 30 minutes off your NAN-LAX flight too.

Another insider scoop we’re privy to today is the Fiji Airways check-in desk at the Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa is not just open to guests. Yup, if you’re at a nearby Denarau property, the Sofitel says “Ni sa bula vinaka” on you checking in at their airline desk. More leisure time before your flight home has to take the sting out of actually having to leave Fiji, right?



Exciting news from the South Sea Cruises team – launching mid-2020, they will have the southern hemisphere’s first Ocean Voyager sailing catamaran.

A slick-looking sailing beast, the 78ft craft will offer competitively priced day trips around the Mamanuca islands. Flexible touring to exotic reefs, sand bars, and previously inaccessible spots sounds cool, but we’re also amped for the onboard water slide.

Splashing into tropical temps like ‘heyyyyyy’!




While there are many hotel cultural shows and kava ceremonies, there has been no dedicated space for immersive cultural performances. Until now.

Launching mid-June, Fun Hub Fiji is opening its 450-seat big-top circus tent with dance-focused evening shows. Talks of Fijian myths, octopus gods, and shape-shifters piqued our interest, especially as it’s served with a contemporary Fijian twist.

Launching Monday, you can check it all out including ticket prices at www.funhubfiji.com.




If you can imagine a soothing massage while the ocean laps nearby, you’re not alone. In Fiji, 85 percent of the 370-odd properties operate as a resort and spa, making it’s the second largest tourism stream. It’s a multimillion-dollar industry, and it significantly supports the local economy.

While there are on point spa trends, like the traditional bobo massage or facials using Pure Fiji products, wellness extends only a little beyond the hotel spa. Rosie Living offers tours that showcase local health remedies and organic products. With Essence of Fiji and you can make your own nama beauty products. But, aside from the ad hoc Noww Retreats, the dedicated retreat space is currently lacking in Fiji.

That’s about to change according to Debra Sadranu, MD of Essence of Fiji. She’s hot on the tails of this missed opportunity; “We have a commitment to health retreats in the coming year. I promise you that at FTE 2020, we’ll be sharing retreat news to fill this gap in Fiji’s wellness offerings.”




How did a transport company beat out hotels, spas, and tour operators to make our top five? Tourist Transport Fiji is dedicated to ensuring every traveller has easy access to a dreamy Fijian holiday – that’s how.

With a focus on making their vehicles wheelchair accessible, TTF consciously builds their customised fleet. That thoughtfulness extends to the environment also with low emission engines and vehicle compatibility with the Fijian climate.

Plus TTF is considerate enough to consider the length of the average Aussie’s pins when planning vehicle legroom.


When was the last time you travelled to Fiji?