Contiki is taking travel to the next level with ‘Artificial Intelligence Trip Managers’ or A.T.I.T.A – a groundbreaking innovation that utilises artificial intelligence technology to create a new, state-of-the-art travel experience for young Australians.

Contiki strives to bridge the gap between travel and technology, and this incorporation of the latest AI software is a big step towards achieving this. Contiki has risen to the challenge of creating the perfect artificial intelligence trip manager, that doesn’t feel artificial at all.

The company holds a very high standard for their trip managers, and these robots are no exception. Each A.T.I.T.A is programmed with a database of over 1.5 billion travel facts, tips and recommendations as well as 100,000 jokes that are seamlessly executed for every situation, ensuring that every experience feels totally authentic.

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“We have been experimenting with artificial intelligence for over 18 months now and are proud to be the world’s first travel company to introduce AI trip managers.”

Katrina Barry, Contiki Managing Director

“We know young people are digital natives and as technology improves, Contiki is redefining travel and taking it to the next level.

“This new technology is also a massive business advantage as we usually have to invest nine weeks of training into our trip managers, but now they’re ready to go just with a click of a button. Our new ‘A.T.I.T.A’ product is the future of travel and a disruptor to the entire industry.”

Contiki are introducing A.T.I.T.A run tours for three of their most popular tours including: European Discovery, London to Athens, and Spanish Spree. Their goal is to further elevate and personalise the experience of these iconic tourist destinations.

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“We’re excited to see what the response and feedback is like from our first round of A.T.I.T.A tours,” Barry added.

“She has tested well, her independence, knowledge, and cost effectiveness is proving to be a valuable business innovation, but what makes her special is her human touch without the touch.

“The robots are extremely responsive to participants needs, making for a more overall rewarding travel experience. If all goes as planned, we’re looking to implement A.T.I.T.A’s in all of our tours and gradually remove the human trip manager all together.”

Contiki has also developed a unique messenger app where travellers can chat anytime with their A.T.I.T.A. in order to ask questions about the trip in private, receive personalised recommendations based on their needs or get extra support they need while abroad. By using the power of AI, Contiki is elevating the travel experience so that every traveller walks away with absolutely #NoRegrets.

Watch a clip of the new technology below:

Click here to head to the new Contiki A.T.I.T.A microsite to receive any additional information or book one of the world’s first AI trip.

* Important notice: This is an April’s Fools joke and should not be taken seriously – unless of course you want to.

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