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NTIA 2015 winners: CWT agent Kingsley Dawes' success story

Company growth was only one portion of the reason CWT's Kingsley Dawes believes he took home an NTIA Award at this year's Gala Night.

Company growth was only one portion of the reason CWT’s Kingsley Dawes believes he took home an NTIA Award at this year’s Gala Night.


Speaking to KarryOn after receiving the title of ‘Best Travel Agency Manager Corporate Multi-location’, the boss said winning took peer support and a lot of green initiative.

“The presentation I gave to AFTA was all about the growth and development of the Energy, Resources and Marine team at CWT over the last 18 months.”

Kingsley Dawes, CWT WA Manager

“As a Senior Manager, the successes of the team are my successes, their growth is my growth. I had a fantastic story to tell, this must have struck a chord with the judges.”


What does winning the award mean to you?


Wow, well it is validation of my hard work over the last five years at CWT.

It is a huge payback for the extra hours and effort. Mainly it is a reflection of the work my team has put in to build the Energy, Resources and Marine brand.

I am so proud to be part of that team and to have won this award, that’s the kind of industry kudos that is priceless.


What does your agency do that’s different from others?

I believe we work better than most across a multiple location set up.

Our teams are all cross trained and continually work to back each other up.

My team has a 14 hour operating day with staff starting work at 8.00am in Auckland and the last person logging off at 6.00pm in Perth. That is one team offering a seamless service to our customers.

We have also been at the forefront in developing solutions for after hour servicing and business continuity planning utilizing our offices across Asia Pacific.

Finally, CWT is certainly the most qualified and experienced Travel Management Company (TMC) doing business in the Energy Resources and Marine (ERM) market segment right now.

CWT’s products and services are a key differentiator.


How has the corporate field changed over the last few years?

Our clients are much more cost sensitive.

Everyone is being squeezed by the changes in the Mining and Corporate sectors so they are more careful about how they spend their travel dollar.

More domestic travel, more premium economy over business class and the tightening of travel policies to gain better compliance.

Also technology continues to improve and play a larger part in the booking process.

The competition between the TMC’s to retain and gain business is very high.


What are some other trends you’re seeing now?


A move towards mobile technology to facilitate the entire travel documentation process, doing away with paper itineraries and emailed documents, for example CWT has its own award winning mobile app called CWT To Go.

Much higher use of online booking engines, with more international travel being booked via these facilities.

Also there are less dedicated travel bookers now and the role is moving to the executive and admin assistants as well as the travelers themselves.


Is there anything innovative up ahead for CWT WA?

Being that WA is a resource state, there are great products being developed and used to provide a single end to end product for the traveller.

One touch workflow/booking systems that combine traditional air and hotel content with charter flights, helicopters, camp accommodation, ground transfers and even locker allocation.

The advances in technology are making these end to end workforce logistics management and booking systems a reality for mining companies and FIFO workers.


What’s the biggest opportunity you see for travel right now?

The growth of the airline industry, new airlines and routes being launched on a regular basis, the low cost of airfares and reduction in fuel surcharges mean that there are so many more opportunities for travel.

More fuel efficient aircraft like the 787 Dreamliner and the A350 Airbus, increased competition in WA with more services to the mining communities.

Also the people, CWT’s biggest asset is the enthusiasm and drive of the employees, who continue to innovate and provide outstanding service.

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