TNZ Stop dreaming and go
TNZ Stop dreaming and go

TFE Hotels have so many new hotels in its pipeline & it's incredibly exciting!

Last night in Melbourne, TFE Hotels invited Professional Conference Organisers (PCO), those in the MICE space, and KarryOn to an exclusive update on what's coming ahead for the leading hotel group.

Last night in Melbourne, TFE Hotels invited Professional Conference Organisers (PCO), those in the MICE space, and KarryOn to an exclusive update on what’s coming ahead for the leading hotel group.

And although it was hosted in one of Australia’s finest historic hotels, the Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne, which was built in 1913, TFE Hotels has its eyes set firmly on the future.


Folks meetin’ and greetin’

After welcome drinks in the historic lobby and a chance to meet and greet all those in attendance, including TFE Hotels CEO Rachel Argaman, attendees were treated to an awesome farmers market stall experience inside one of the Rendezvous Hotel’s conference rooms, where guests could feast themselves silly and sample a whole range of delicious food options, such as dumplings, paella, an impressive selection of cheeses and ham, freshly made pasta, and wash it all down with an espresso martini.


Si, muchas gracias!


Mmm dumplings…


Fresh pasta anyone?

It was a novel concept, and a huge success as it got everyone moving around and talking to one another.

But the real reason why all were gathered in the one space was for the informative and entertaining presentation by TFE Hotels CEO Rachel Argaman, who updated the room on the exciting new hotels that will soon become part of TFE Hotels’ portfolio over the next five years. Indeed, by 2021, another 16 hotels will be added to their existing 71 property portfolio: 11 here in Australia, and another five in Germany.


TFE Hotels CEO Rachel Argaman giving her presentation.

Speaking to KarryOn exclusively, TFE Hotels CEO Rachel Argaman stated that the purpose of the evening was two-fold:

“The first is all about relationship marketing. We believe that businesses are built on relationships, and people do business with people that they like. We wanted to come here and share a beautiful farmer’s market experience with our industry friends and treat them to some delicious canapés and cocktails. Basically we want to have a lovely evening and spend some time with them.”

(As an attendee to the farmer’s market, the deliciousness of the canapés is something I can attest too!)

“Secondly, we have the strongest pipeline of new hotels and newly refurbished hotels that we’ve ever had in our history. Currently we have 71 hotels, but we’ll soon have 100 hotels. We’ve got some amazing new properties coming in the pipeline. So part of tonight is all about sharing this in advance of marketing it and telling them what’s coming, so when they’re thinking about those conferences in the future, they know what we have in the pipeline.


TFE Hotels CEO Rachel Argaman

Amongst the new Aussie properties soon to hit the market is the Adina Apartment Hotel Pentridge, which will make it possible to sleep a night or two in a former prison! How awesome is that?! Set to open in the first quarter of 2020, Australia’s historic Pentridge Prison site, just 8km from the CBD, will become one of Australia’s most iconic accommodation and lifestyle precincts ever, with Shayher Group developing the site with TFE Hotels to operate an Adina Apartment Hotel.


Adina Apartment Hotel Pentridge

The apartment hotel will feature 120 rooms, and aims to seamlessly blend contemporary architectural design with the property’s distinct and remarkable heritage.


Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane, Queens Wharf.

Another exciting new development is the Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane, Queens Wharf, due to open in late 2017. This new hotel will transform a grand sandstone-clad heritage-listed building near the popular Queens Street Mall and Queens Wharf into an Adina Apartment Hotel with 207 rooms. When it opens, the hotel will form part of the proposed redevelopment of George Street into a mixed use entertainment, commercial and residential precinct.

Check out our Facebook gallery for more pics from the night.

Are you excited about TFE Hotels’ new properties in the pipeline?