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More Corporates choose premium cabin classes in business travel revival

International business travel is taking off again with more than one-third of all bookings in premium cabin classes in and out of Australia, which exceeds pre-pandemic levels, according to new Flight Centre Corporate Booking Trends data.

A three per cent increase in the number of business travellers booking premium corporate fares to international destinations between January and May 2022 (35.73%) compared to the same timeframe in 2019 (32.33%) is behind the trend.

The report notes the uptick in premium cabin bookings is based on a lower flight volume as airline capacity increases and highlights that businesses are trending toward flying at the front end of the plane on international routes.

Singapore and London were the top two international destinations for Australian business travellers for the time period, representing critical trade, employment and economic hubs that connect Australia with the rest of the world.

Melissa Elf
Melissa Elf, Flight Centre Corporate ANZ managing director

Flight Centre Corporate ANZ managing director Melissa Elf said business travel is bouncing back faster than predicted as corporates restart travel programs in Australia and overseas, leading to a shortage of premium fare seats on some carriers.

“Corporate travellers are wasting no time in filling premium cabins and that’s leading to a shortage of business class seats on routes out of Australia in the coming months, such is the demand right now,” Ms Elf said.

“Not only are business travellers returning to the skies in their droves, but they are also paying for the pleasure of being in a premium class cabin with more than one in three now choosing to turn left when they board as opposed to flying economy.”

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