Here’s a friendly travel reminder that’ll have you speed-dialling your Travel Agent – there’s now less than one month left until Aussies are able to visit Brazil without a visa.

More specifically, there’s three weeks and five days (from today – 22 May 2019) until Brazil goes visa-free.

The removal of visas applies to a limited number of nationalities, including those very fortunate travellers with an Australian passport.

As part of the relaxed option, coming into effect from 17 June 2019, Aussies will be able to visit the colourful Latin American country for up to 90 days from the date of first entry without applying online, forking out the extra cash and waiting weeks for approval.

Brazil’s Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Alvaro Antônio, said earlier this year that waiving visas will be “extremely beneficial” to the country’s tourism industry and assist growing arrival figures, which reached 3.15 million during the first half of 2018, up eight percent on the same period in 2017.


Image: Sergio Souza/Unsplash

Describing it as the “most important achievement” for Brazil’s travel sector, Marcelo Alvaro Antônio hopes it’s the first step in making it easier for travellers to visit.

“This decision of the Brazilian government proves that we are living a new moment and that tourism is being seen as a vector of economic and social growth of the entire nation. This is the first step; we still have much to celebrate.”

Marcelo Alvaro Antônio, Brazil’s Minister of Tourism

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