Princess Cruises have launched their 2017 offerings, and our favourite is their big round the world cruise. It’s time to start planning, because all those long-dreamed of travel experiences could be ticked off your bucket list in one cruise.

With an amazing 104 nights of fun and 39 ports to explore, this is the only round the world cruise departing from Australia and New Zealand.

Here are six experiences which are unique to Princess’ exciting round the world cruise:


1. The romance of Venice


Sitting atop a gondola on a warm summer’s day, winding your way around the canals. There are few travel experiences as romantic and iconic as this ultimate Venice encounter, which is topped off with a wander through the old alleys and piazzas.

This overnight stay also coincides with the city coming alive for St John the Baptist festival, with parades and celebrations in the famous St Mark’s Square.


2. New York, New York


There are many certainties involved in a visit to New York: setting your eyes on the famous Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and lights of Times Square; eating great American food like bagels and burgers; and wandering around the greenery of Central Park.

The only question is, will you sleep during your overnight stay in the city that never sleeps?


3. Visit ancient worlds in Callao, Peru


Imagine an insight to times so ancient they were nearly forgotten. In this stop, you’ll see the Pachacamac Ruins, which includes pyramid temples that were sacred sites to the indigenous Peruvian people. Or you can take a longer excursion into the mysterious Machu Pichu, a UNESCO World Heritage site known as the Lost City of the Incas. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience.


4. Celebrate in Cobh, Ireland


No one understands a patriotic celebration like the Irish, making this the perfect spot for some very special Australia Day festivities. Locals will help you celebrate like you never have before and will make you feel right at home despite being on the other side of the world. You’ll also have the chance to gain perfect eloquence when you kiss the Blarney Stone during this stopover.


5. Experience the magic of Honningsvag, Norway


The sight of the midnight sun is a dream for many, and it could become your reality. A stop at Europe’s northernmost city brings with it magical experiences, beautiful waterfalls and fjords, a colourful townscape and forests aplenty, all bathed in that wonderful night time light.

BYO jacket: it might be summertime when the cruise visits, but you’re getting pretty close to the North Pole so it gets chilly here!


6. Cruise the Panama Canal



Take a cruisy day transit down the canal that joins the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to get a look at one of the world’s greatest engineering feats. In 1914, the canal was built to the sounds of controversy and celebration, and it now stands as a major experience on many a travel bucket list.

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