A New Moon Rises: Silversea’s Silver Moon Undergoes Sea Trials

Silversea's shiny new ship, Silver Moon, has passed her sea trials and on track for her exciting delivery at the end of October 2020.

Silversea’s shiny new ship, Silver Moon, has passed her sea trials and on track for her exciting delivery at the end of October 2020.

Silversea’s new ship Silver Moon is one step closer to welcoming guests, having successfully carried out her sea trials between August 8th and August 20th

Carrying a reduced crew of approximately 320 due to precautionary health protocols, the ship journeyed between Fincantieri’s shipyards in Ancona and Trieste, Italy, undergoing a week-long dry-dock period in the latter.

With a delivery date set for October 30thSilver Moon will become the second ship to join Silversea’s ultra-luxury fleet in 2020, following the delivery of Silver Origin on June 3.

The Sea Trials

Silversea’s senior officers, external engineers, and representatives from both Fincantieri and the Royal Caribbean Group put Silver Moon through a series of preliminary tests in the Adriatic Sea – including noise, and vibration tests – for three days from August 8th.

Once Silver Moon was out of the water in Trieste, stability tests were performed; public spaces were inspected; and engineers applied the finishing touches to the ship’s exterior, including the cleaning and painting of the hull, and the polishing of the ship’s brass propellers.

Secondary tests, including speed tests, were then carried out on the return sailing from Trieste to Ancona.

Work has now recommenced on the ship’s interior, ahead of the vessel’s official delivery in October.

Welcoming Silver Moon

Silver Moon

The sister ship of Silversea’s Silver Muse, Silver Moon represents the latest accomplishment in the cruise line’s long-standing partnership with the illustrious shipbuilder Fincantieri.

During the peak months of Silver Moon’s construction in Ancona, over 1,000 skilled professionals were working on the ship simultaneously, with over 390 companies contributing to the build.

Painted using almost 100,000L of paint, over 15,000 steel plates and profiles were cut to form the ship’s superstructure – 920t of which were transported from 755nm away. 

Approximately 1,690,000m of electric cable were installed by 18 contractors, as well as 60,000m2 of insulation, 450,000kg of air conditioning ducts, and 92,000kg of ventilation ducts.

Moreover, over 5,000 automation channels have been installed to link the ship’s mechanisms.

“We look forward to celebrating that momentous occasion together with Silversea, a cruise line whose growth we have contributed to with pride and determination, thanks to ambitious projects such as the ‘Muse’ class, of which Silver Moon is a part.”

Giovanni Stecconi, Director of Fincantieri’s Ancona shipyard.

Silver Moon

“Building on the success of our beloved flagship Silver Muse, Silver Moon will push boundaries in travel to unlock meaningful experiences for our guests around the world. Our pioneering new S.A.L.T. programme is just one way in which travellers will delve deep into destinations, and I look forward to personally welcoming our guests aboard Silver Moon in the near future,” said Roberto Martinoli, Silversea’s President and CEO.

“I extend my gratitude to the entire team at Fincantieri, who have demonstrates their skill and know-how; Captain Zanello and his officers, who have worked tirelessly; Silversea’s committed shoreside team for their enduring professionalism; and our colleagues at the Royal Caribbean Group, who continue to strengthen our cruise line with their invaluable support.”

“The fact that our beautiful Silver Moon nears completion, despite such challenging circumstances, is a testament to the exceptional resilience and expertise of all involved in her build. For this, I am very proud.”

Roberto Martinoli, Silversea’s President and CEO.

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