Hurtigruten Sep takeover sides
Hurtigruten Sep takeover sides

Alchemy & cocktails - the Carnival Cruise cure

If spirits, bitters and a little bit of ginger are the cure, then diagnose me sick and serve me up some Carnival Cruise Line medicine.

If spirits, bitters and a little bit of ginger are the cure, then diagnose me sick and serve me up some Carnival Cruise Line medicine.


The cruise line has examined Aussie interests and found the remedy to our desire for more onboard features is a new bar.

Already injected on a number of Carnival cruise ships including Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Pride – the bar recoginsed as ‘The Alchemy’ is being absorbed on Carnival Spirit, making her the first ship to bring the venue to Australia.

The Alchemy Carnival Cruise Lines

Prepare to be diagnosed and treated at The Alchemy onboard Carnival Spirit.

‘The Alchemy’ will be added to Spirit in August this year, when she undergoes $44 million surgery.

During her ‘Fun Ship’ revival, she will relieve Aussies from their day-to-day lives with new Dive-In Movies at the Seaside Theatre; Guy’s Burger Joint; Bonsai Sushi; BlueIguana Cantina Mexican eatery; Seuss at Sea; and a new marine-themed kids club.

Spirit guests will also be treated with with the RedFrog Rum Bar and BlueIguana Tequila Bar.

But of all the new spots, ‘The Alchemy’ has the healing touch, as an interactive bar specialising in tailor-made cocktails.

The Alchemy bar tenders

Media were invited to evaluate the bar at a mock set-up onboard Carnival Legend last week.

And trust me when I tell you, it offers an enjoyable and addictive experience that’ll have you throwing out the antidote.


What sets ‘The Alchemy’ apart from other at-sea bars?

It gets to the root of your problems – literally.

Master mixologists aka Alchemists at the vintage pharmacy theme parlour will run you through a completely casual therapy session, during which you share the details of your day and express your emotions.

The Alchemy Prescription Pad Carnival Cruise Lines

Chat to the Alchemists or Pharmacists or Master Mixologists and then fill out the prescription pad.

Once you’ve had a bit of chat, you fill out a ‘prescription pad’, ticking off ingredients you’re in the mood for.

They then look it over and create the perfect cocktail to meet your mood.

the Alchemy Violeta Carnival Cruise Lines

My Pharmacist mixed me the perfect remedy based on my mood.

My Alchemist – Violeta – not only created the perfect cocktail but also gave me a quick lesson on the Romanian language.

Carnival’s VP of Australia, Jennifer Vandekreeke describes it as a magical experience (for a second opinion – I agree).

“We found out guests love to interact with staff whether it is the bar tender or whoever. At The Alchemy they start the conversation and then hand craft the cocktail from the conversation.”

Jennifer Vandekreeke, Carnival Cruise Line Australia Vice President 

In addition to personalised cocktails, the bar also has a set cocktail menu featuring drinks such as the ‘French Kiss’ – a sparkling wine based drink blended with fresh lime and vanilla plus the ‘Deal Closer’ made from vanilla vodka, amaretto, chocolate syrup and more.

The Alchemy - Nahrain specialty

Introducing ‘The Nahrain’ a specialty drink made for my vodka, ginger, watermelon and chocolaty desires.

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Keen to try The Alchemy? Let us know what you think makes a great bar experience below.