It’s the all-annoying habit – a traveller enter an agency, asks the Agent for a quote, the consultant puts one together & then the traveller walks out in search for a better deal.

APT is helping Travel Agents reduce the number of travellers who ‘shop around’ by giving them access to ‘dynamic pricing’.

Launched in April, ‘dynamic pricing’ combines all areas of the itinerary from cabin types to flight deals, to deliver Agents and their clients the best possible deals.


Speaking at the TravelManagers Conference in Hawaii, APT said the model simplifies quotes for consultants, while creating a sense of urgency for clients to book before the deal expires (prices can be quoted and held for seven days before possible change to deals).

“Dynamic pricing streamlines the booking process for Agents… [and] guarantees the best deal possible without the hassle of comparing numerous offers and the risk of missing one.”

Steve Reynolds, APT Chief Executive

“Just like booking flights, dynamic pricing creates a sense of urgency to secure the best price, helping agents convert enquiries into bookings without the dreaded shop-around.”

Supporting the new dynamic pricing model is APT’s new exclusive Agent Facebook page where the operator posts updates on new products, incentives and more.


Are you excited for APT’s dynamic pricing?