Planning your 2019 European summer just got a whole lot more interesting with the Antarctica experts at Chimu Adventures announcing their one-of-a-kind inaugural charter to the other end of the world – The Arctic.

Join them for their first venture into the worlds largest untouched landscape where you’ll experience overwhelming scenery, wildlife and glaciers just to name a few.

Here are a few reasons we know this will float your boat.


1. 24 Hour Sunshine


If you want to maximize your sunlight during the summer, you might want to head north. How far north? Try the Arctic! What’s even better than waking up to a beautiful sunset on the horizon? A lasting sunset (kind of). If you weren’t a morning person before, just think of what eight days of permanent morning will do for the soul.


2. Experience Winter in the middle of Summer


It’s 40 degrees in Vatican City, you’re exhausted, and your shirt is dripping from sweat. Just think, in a few hours you could be heading to Copenhagen to board a flight to the land of glaciers, icebergs and endless sunlight. There is no cooler way to contrast the heat and humidity of Europe with a combo trip to the Arctic.


3. Join TV Royalty



If you missed your calling on Days of Our Lives, then join the Chimu crew on ‘The Places We Go TV special who will be filming a two-part series over the course of the charter. The Arctic has to be seen to be believed so you’ll get the best of both worlds by seeing the sights and getting to watch it all back once the special goes live. Or, just get your people to talk to their people – you know how it goes in Hollywood.


4. Site-See Endangered Polar Bears


Get your cameras ready to witness the beauty of black skinned, white-furred, 800kg carnivorous marine mammals – The Polar Bear. On day three of the charter, you can see polar bears relaxing, sunbaking or potentially hunting for prey in Liefdefjorden. In fact, the best part of this charter is you can see Polar Bears on day 3, 4, 5 and 6 of this voyage! The only rule is, you can’t take them home – sorry.


5. Authentic Chimu Experiences


Being the inaugural charter to the Arctic comes with its perks, like joining famous artists Wendy Sharpe and Bernard Ollis – renowned Australian painters. Not only will they be special guests onboard but Chimu prides themselves on including guiding and lectures by the Expedition team to give your customers the best chance to fully engage in their surroundings on a deeper level.

This trip has limited availability, so get booking with Chimu Adventures as soon as you close this tab! They can also organise your internal flights from Copenhagen and domestic flights within Norway as well – who doesn’t love a one-stop shop?


Get booking now!




Is The Arctic on your bucket list for 2019?

Written by Mel Bobbermien, KARRYON contributor

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