Expedition cruise line, Ponant, is keeping its cruisers connected at sea by giving EVERYONE on board its vessels access to unlimited & free wi-fi.

Uh huh! Save your money because it’s entirely free on Ponant’s vessels.

The only French cruise ship operator made the announcement last week, saying free wi-fi is available to ALL guests throughout the entire ship, irrespective of their stateroom category.


As well as keeping guests in touch with family and friends on land, the cruise line also hopes it’ll help its passengers keep in touch at sea.

“This service allows passengers to take to the sea without losing contact.”



“This offer fulfils one of the Excellence goals established by the company, with regard to guest experience,” the cruise line added.

“It is also a key step in the ship digitalisation process, as all the digital services offered by PONANT will become more easily accessible and at no extra cost.”

Earlier this month, Ponant began construction of the world’s first luxury ‘ice-breaking’ ship, which promises to take cruisers further into the polars.


Do you prefer to remain disconnected at sea?