The world will have to wait another four months for the arrival of Scenic Eclipse, which will have technology so advanced she can cruise through “the most demanding conditions”.

Scenic confirmed that the arrival of the world’s first Discovery Yacht aka Scenic Eclipse had been pushed back again with her new launch date now scheduled for 13 April 2019.

This is the second time the travel company has postponed the debut of the highly anticipated 6-star vessel, which was initially expected to launch 31 August 2018.

According to reports, Scenic cited the delay to ongoing financial issues at the Uljanik shipyard in Croatia and a six-week strike by specialist engine and systems commissioning workers, who have now returned to work.

“Due to Scenic’s efforts, more than 600 employees continue to work on other aspects of the ship every day.”


“The progress on the ship’s interiors and other timings of the final build stage have seen far less impact from the industrial action and continue to progress at a good pace.”



Guests affected by the delay will receive a full refund for the cost of their cruise, as well as consideration of any other expenses incurred by the cancellation of travel plans. The company will also provide guests who rebook on a further Scenic Eclipse itinerary with a 25 percent credit.

Scenic Eclipse’s unnamed sister ship is still expected to launch in 2020.


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