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Hurtigruten Takeover_

FIRST MATES: Virgin Voyages promises to give Advisors commission on the ENTIRE sale

First Mates, as Richard Branson's Virgin Voyages refers to Travel Advisors, come first for the world's newest cruise line, which is why they'll be able to earn commission on ALL fares.

First Mates, as Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages refers to Travel Advisors, come first for the world’s newest cruise line, which is why they’ll be able to earn commission on ALL fares.

The ‘epic sea change’ for traditional travel sellers will see them earn money across a client’s entire Virgin Voyages transaction from the cruise ticket, add-ons (such as flights), hotel stays, voyage insurance, shore excursions, spa treatments, drink packages, and more.

Any part of the cruise booking, consultants will earn commission. Even, taxes and fees.


Virgin Voyages’ President, Tom McAlpin, described the commission offering as “the most rewarding travel partner programme ever created”as it not only benefits the clients but First Mates too.

Vice President of Sales, Stacy Shaw, joined the conversation by explaining that one of the issues travel professionals have is that they aren’t always compensated for their hand work “on the entire sale”. Something they won’t have to worry about with Virgin Voyages.


“With our combination of premium pricing that includes so much more, no NCFs and the ability to earn on everything you sell, total dollars earned on every sale with us will be more.”

Stacy Shaw, Virgin Voyages President of Sales

Beyond commissions, the cruise line will also eliminate penalties and change fees. Consultants will also be able to hold cabins for 24 hours with no money down and once a 20 percent non-refundable deposit is locked in, clients will have a grace period of seven days.

The base commission through Virgin Voyages will be 10 percent on the entire transaction.


Are any of your clients keen to book a room on Virgin Voyages’ first cruises to Cuba?