Fish – they’re beautiful to look at, peaceful to swim with and when they’re no longer living, apparently they’re great to power cruise ships.

Hurtigruten is taking sustainability at sea to the next level by announcing it will be using dead fish and other organic waste to partly power its vessels.

Yes, dead fish.

But don’t worry the cruise line won’t be going around killing sea life, it’ll work with Northern Europe and Norway’s large fishery and forestry that have a steady volume of organic waste.


Dead fish is a form of fossil-free, renewable gas that’ll help the world’s greenest cruise company become greener.

Chief Executive, Daniel Skjeldam, said Hurtigruten will be the first cruise company to power its ships with liquified natural gas that’s currently the most eco-friendly fuel available.

“Our ships will literally be powered by nature.”

Daniel Skjeldam, Hurtigruten Chief Executive


“Biogas is the greenest fuel in shipping, and will be a huge advantage for the environment. We would love other cruise companies to follow,” Skjeldam added.

Hurtigruten’s ‘fishy’ new arrangement follows its recent ban of all single-use plastics across its entire fleet and the introduction of the world’s first battery-hybrid powered cruise ship called MS Roald Amundsen.

By 2021, Hurtigruten plans to operate at least six of its ships using biogas and batteries, combined with LNG (liquified natural gas).


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