Harri the galah found himself lapping up a life of luxury on board the Sea Princess after scoring himself a free cruise.

What? We hear you say. How come Harri gets a free cruise and I don’t? Well, Harri is a sneaky bugger. When the Sea Princess docked in Brisbane last week, he saw an opportunity to unsuspectingly land on the ship.


Four days into a 14-day cruise bound for New Zealand, Harri was spotted.

When notified about the Aussie stowaway, New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries said the only way for the ship to enter the country was: a) euthanise him or b) secure him on board.

Luckily, the crew had developed a liking for the larrikin, and he was locked inside a spare cabin.

Sure, he didn’t get to hop off and explore New Zealand like he had hoped, but a free holiday is nothing to turn your beak up at.

The bird is also microchipped, which means he can be returned to his family once his free ride is up.

Carnival Australia spokesman David Jones said while Harri was holidaying on Princess, his owners were, by some bizarre stroke of coincidence, cruising on Pacific Aria.

“It’s truly unique,” he said.

The family and its bird will be reunited later this week. We’re sure there will be plenty of tales of the high seas to share between them!

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Would you give up your cabin to save a stowaway bird?